Build of The Peacemaker RPM01

3,8m H x 1.8m B x 1,6m D

Tesla died in 1943, aged 86. Two days after Tesla’s death, the US government (the Office of Alien Property) confiscated all of Tesla’s documents and possessions, to prevent them (it was the middle of the Second World War) from falling into enemy hands.

Nikola Tesla, a pacifist, had offered his mysterious ‘anti-war machine’ to the US government and military in 1935. It was a generator developed only ‘on paper’ that could generate a radiation of particles. It would be possible to switch off machines at a distance of about 300 km.

It was, in a manner of speaking, a wall of an energy that was erected and and with which an insurmountable obstacle was erected against a real aggression. Any missile or any other flying projectile could be stopped in this way, guaranteeing the total security of the country was guaranteed. Tesla had hoped to eradicate the war forever. Since a conventional attack was doomed to fail from the start.

During the Cold War, interest in his (Top Secret) project was very high.

The existing files concerning this project were all lost after the transfer by the US Air Force.

The remaining files were transferred to Belgrade to be put in the Nikola Tesla museum.

From the secret government documents, which under “the Act of Information” must be released after a certain time must be released, there is not much to learn either. They are more than 600 pages, most of which are blacked out.

Painter and light artist Stephan Janssens: The inventor of “the light factory” , the Venetian light inspirer of the ‘The shell of thousand wishes’ , the ‘illuminas mentem’ behind the Anatomis light plates, the inspirer of the Fusion lamp , in short, the Panamarenko of light,…

After years of research he has, in his own opinion, tied up the loose ends and created all his findings in his light object: The Peacemaker RPM01.